Sports Events to Watch in Japan During Summer 2024

Sports enthusiasts in Japan will not only enjoy a wonderful period of time but also be taken away by the Paris Olympics and the UEFA Euro 2024, two of the most awaited sports events. This article explores both events in detail and breaks down the legal landscape of sports betting in Japan. Whether you’re a passionate fan or just love the thrill of a heated competition, brace yourself for a summer full of memories!

Are Bookmakers Legal in Japan?

While some countries pride themselves on bookmakers or sports betting, Japan complies with strict regulations that differ in legality. Sports betting within Japan is generally prohibited, but there are certain exemptions for so-called public gambling forms such as horse, bike, boat, and motorcycle races.

Contrary to this, using foreign bookmakers on the internet is a gray area. Many Japanese individuals take part in such activities, which is why one needs to be very careful about the possible legal dangers. People need to constantly monitor and strictly adhere to laws and regulations and be fully responsible for their own actions.

Sports Events Happening in Summer 2024

Paris Olympics

The Paris Olympics will undoubtedly be the most spectacular event of the summer of 2024. You can even bet on Olympic events through bookmakers. In Japan, these services are commonly known as ブックメーカー オリンピック. Many competitions are already generating a buzz, and Japanese athletes are expected to shine. Here’s a wider look of the major events with some ideas about how to join the action.


Athletics is a very popular sport. The Olympics have numerous types of events including the 100-meter dash and the marathon. Betting options are diverse and enable predicting winners, medalists, times, and records.

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Gymnastics is another much-awaited event. Japan is fantastic at it, with lots of medals e­xpected. You can make wage­rs in this sport by predicting the overall individual winner, medals for each event, and team competition winner.

Football (Soccer)

Olympic football guarantees heavy rivalry in both men’s and women’s categories. Regular betting types such as match results, goal scorers, and tournament progression.


Basketball is one of the main attractions in the Olympics. People always feel the excitement of games with NBA players and the thrill of placing bets. One can bet in different ways like predicting outcomes of matches, point spreads, and tournament winners.


It’s equally exciting to watch both singles and doubles tennis events. There are betting options that generally contain the prediction of match winners, set counts, and tournament winners.


The European Football Championship will also be held in 2024. This is a tournament that soccer fans absolutely cannot miss. The betting options include match outcomes, goal scorers, and the progress of the tournament, with the greatest interest in the winner predictions in the group stage and the knockout rounds.

To enhance your betting experience, check out the recommended bookmakers for Euro 2024 (commonly known as ユーロ(Euro 2024)のおすすめブックメーカー in Japan).


Summer 2024 is a non-stop festival of world-level sports events like the Paris Olympics and Euro 2024. These events are earmarked to bring excitement both within and beyond Japan. While sports betting through bookmakers is a growing trend, it is very crucial to strictly adhere to Japanese regulations and to play responsibly. By understanding the details and betting options for each sport, you can make the most of the summer of 2024.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Which Sports Are Most Popular at the Paris Olympics?

Answer: Athletics, gymnastics, football (soccer), basketball, and tennis are some of the sports that are very popular at the Paris Olympics. It is anticipated that huge crowds will gather at the events, with greater traffic from the talent-filled Japanese athletes who will be competing. Whether you are into high-energy basketball or rhythmic gymnastics, there is something entertaining for anyone to watch.

2. Is it legal to use bookmakers in Japan? 

Answer: Sports betting in Japan is primarily against the law. Yet, there are exceptions for betting on certain public sporting events like horse racing, cycling races, motorboat races, and motorcycle races. These are all overseen by the government. Engaging with overseas bookmakers online is considered a legal gray area, so it’s important for users to proceed cautiously and take full responsibility for their actions.

3. What betting options are available for the Paris Olympics?

Answer: At the Paris Olympics various betting options will be available, including forecasting winners, medalists, as well as the outcomes of specific matches or events. There are different betting options per sport, for example, game predictions and individual achievement stats are really popular choices.

4. What are popular betting choices for Euro 2024?

Answer: Popular betting options for Euro 2024 include predicting match results, goal scorers, and teams’ progress through the group stages and knockout tournaments. Bettors commonly make predictions about match outcomes and tournament winners during this exciting event.

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