The Need for Robust Bonuses in Online Casinos

When you turn on the television news or even go through search engines like Bing or Google, you almost can’t help reading a blurb about online casinos. That’s how far the iGaming industry has come, with no signs of slowing down. In the United States, seven states support and regulate online casinos, with Delaware kicking things off in 2012.

Fast forward to today, and the American online casino industry is so robust that it is approaching the elusive $100 billion annual revenue mark. Besides cutting-edge and traditional casino games, you can thank the lucrative promotions for leading the charge for the modern-day online casino industry.

The Purpose of Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses and promotions have existed since the dawn of organized casinos in the 1930s. The main aim of a casino bonus is to get players or members to participate at the casino or to make wagers on a particular game. For long-term participation, casino bonuses encourage members to make steady bets. These bets, win or lose, usually go towards a loyalty program. Casino members enjoy perks like free room and board, luxury cruises and vacations, and complimentary meals with the loyalty program.

Building on these principles, today’s online casinos sometimes tie in many of these VIP perks if they partner with land-based casinos while offering exclusive online bonuses. However, the beauty of an online casino VIP program is that it eventually leads to discounted or even free bets on most casino games.

How Bonuses Benefit Players

The immediate benefit of online casino bonuses is that they entice new members to sign up. With so many online casino operators, they need a way to stand out from the competition. One sure way is through no-deposit online casino promotions. New online casino members can play most of their favorite casino games without having to bet money with the chance to win real money.

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Beyond that, new online casino members usually have the luxury of a general deposit bonus. Usually, a new online casino player receives a 100% matching bonus with a cap of typically $1,000 to help them with their bankroll playing most of the games. It’s also en vogue for new members to receive second chance credits after losing their first official day of playing and betting online.

For long-term members, daily and weekly bonuses are a gentle way of thanking them for spending time and hard-earned money. As a result, it’s customary for veteran online casino players to receive weekly cashback or reload bonuses to help improve their bankroll. Also, veteran casino members usually receive free spins from a developer or a new game to play particular slot games.

Bonuses Keep Members Playing Longer   

Unfortunately, not all online casino players are high rollers. Therefore, they have to stick to a budget. By having frequent bonuses that appeal to a wide slate of members, online casino players can extend their budgets, keeping them playing longer and engaged with the online casino brand. Happy online casino players are bound to refer their friends and friendly to the brand. By the way, most online casinos encourage this behavior with lucrative refer-a-friend bonuses.


As more states look to legalize online casinos, the stakes will be that much higher, with even more sensational bonuses and promotions to hook new players. Also, as technology continues to advance, AI will continue to play a more prominent role. Thanks to behavioral AI, online casinos can deliver dynamic and personalized ads to each member at the drop of a hat.

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