Maurice Scott Age, Birthdate, and Bio

Maurice Scott Age : Maurice Scott, an American real estate agent, entrepreneur, lawyer, and reality TV personality, is known for his role in “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” As of 2023, Maurice Scott’s age is over 42 years, showcasing his extensive experience and maturity in his professional endeavors.

Maurice Scott Age and Birthday

While the exact birthdate of Maurice Scott is not publicly disclosed, it is known that he was over 42 years old in 2022. This information provides a glimpse into the seasoned experience and wisdom he brings to his various roles.

Maurice Scott Life Journey

maurice scott bio

Full NameMaurice Scott
ProfessionReal Estate Agent, Entrepreneur, Lawyer, Reality TV Personality
AgeOver 42 years (as of 2022)
Marital StatusMarried to Kimmi Grant
ChildrenFour (including Jaylin and Maurice Jr.)
OccupationCast Member of “Love & Marriage Huntsville,” Real Estate Agent, Lawyer
Net WorthEstimated at $10 million
HeightApproximately 5 feet 6 inches

Maurice Scott rose to fame through his appearance on Oprah’s reality TV show “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” where he starred alongside his wife, Kimmi Grant. His career spans various fields, including real estate, law, and television. He is also the owner of Credit 1 USA, a credit repair company.

In addition to his professional achievements, Maurice is a family man, married to Kimmi Grant, a registered nurse, realtor, entrepreneur, and reality TV personality. The couple has a blended family with four children, showcasing Maurice’s role as a dedicated family man.

Maurice’s journey in the real estate and entertainment industry is marked by his versatility and entrepreneurial spirit. His role in “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” has brought him into the limelight, making him a well-known figure in reality television.

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More Info about Maurice Scott

  • How Old is Maurice Scott: Maurice Scott is over 42 years old as of 2022. .
  • Maurice Scott Net Worth: As of 2022, Maurice Scott’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million, a testament to his successful career in real estate and television.
  • Maurice Scott Birthday: While the exact date is not publicly known, Maurice celebrates his birthday every year with his family and friends.
  • Kimmi and Maurice Scott Age: Maurice and his wife, Kimmi Grant, share a close bond despite their age difference. Kimmi’s age is also not publicly disclosed.
  • Maurice Scott and Kimmi Grant Age Difference: The couple has managed to keep their age difference private, focusing more on their strong relationship.
  • Maurice Scott Daughters: Maurice has two daughters, Tatyana and D’Shayla, from his previous marriage.
  • Maurice Scott Zodiac Sign: Maurice’s zodiac sign is not publicly known, adding an element of mystery to his persona.
  • Marsau and Maurice Scott Age: Maurice’s brother, Marsau Scott, is also a key figure in “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.” The brothers are close in age and work together on various projects.
  • Derrick Maurice Scott: There is limited information available about Derrick Maurice Scott in relation to Maurice.
  • Maurice Scott Wikipedia: As of now, Maurice Scott does not have a dedicated Wikipedia page.

Some Lesser Known Facts about Maurice Scott

  • Maurice Scott First Wife: Maurice was previously married before his current marriage to Kimmi Grant. Details about his first wife are kept private.
  • 750 Score Challenge Maurice Scott: Maurice is involved in various entrepreneurial ventures, including the 750 Score Challenge related to credit repair.
  • Maurice Scott Kids: Maurice is a father of four children, showing his dedication as a family man.
  • Maurice Scott Huntsville: His work in Huntsville, Alabama, particularly in real estate, has been a significant part of his career. Maurice Scott is now finding new home in Huntsville for model Playboyalana.
  • Maurice Scott Fraternity: There is no public information confirming Maurice’s involvement in a fraternity.
  • Maurice Scott Rowing: Details about Maurice Scott’s involvement in rowing or related activities are not well-known.
  • Maurice Scott Buffalo NY: His connections or activities in Buffalo, NY, are not publicly documented.
  • Maurice Scott Brothers: Maurice has a close relationship with his brother, Marsau Scott, with whom he shares his journey on “Love and Marriage: Huntsville.”
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