Charo Washer Bio, Age and Life Journey

Charo Washer Age : Charo Washer, known for her significant role as the wife of Paul Washer, the founder of HeartCry Missionary Society, is a notable figure in the Christian missionary community. Born in 1963 in Lima, Peru, Charo Washer’s age is 60 years as of 2023. Her journey from Peru to becoming a dedicated missionary and supportive partner in ministry is marked by her faith and commitment to Christian values.

Charo Washer Age and Birthday

Charo Washer was born in 1963 in Lima, Peru. Her path from her early years in South America to her significant role in Christian missionary work alongside her husband reflects her deep faith and dedication to her religious beliefs. At 60 years old, Charo Washer has been a part of the missionary community for decades, contributing significantly to her husband’s ministry.

Charo Washer Life Journey

charo washer age

Charo Washer’s life story is a testament to her dedication to her faith and her role as a missionary.

Attribute Table

Full NameRosario Charo Washer
Date of Birth1963
Current Age60 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthLima, Peru
ProfessionMissionary, Christian Evangelist’s Wife
Height5 ft 4 in (Approx 1.63m)
Marital StatusMarried to Paul Washer
ChildrenFour (Rowan, Bronwyn, Ian, Evan Washer)
Missionary WorkServed 12 years in Peru
Notable ContributionsCo-author of “Becoming Esther”
Net WorthEstimated at $800,637
Social Media PresencePrivate Life
EducationNot Publicly Known

Charo Washer’s journey alongside her husband in the world of Christian evangelism and missionary work is a testament to her faith and dedication. Her personal transformation and commitment to her family and faith are notable aspects of her life.

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Charo Washer’s story is an inspiring example of living a life dedicated to religious service and supporting a partner in a shared mission.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Charo Washer

charo washer age

  • Multicultural Background: Charo Washer was born in Lima, Peru, and is of mixed Spanish and Peruvian heritage, reflecting a rich cultural background.
  • Language Skills: Given her heritage and missionary work, Charo is likely fluent in both Spanish and English, which has been an asset in her missionary endeavors.
  • Missionary Work: Charo Washer has dedicated over a decade of her life to missionary work in Peru, showcasing her commitment to her faith and helping others.
  • Personal Transformation: Charo experienced a profound personal transformation and found salvation in 2004, a pivotal moment in her spiritual journey.
  • Co-Author of “Becoming Esther”: Alongside her husband, Charo co-wrote an article titled “Becoming Esther,” aimed at advising young and single women, reflecting her interest in mentoring and guiding others.
  • Private Life: Despite being married to a public figure, Charo Washer maintains a low profile, valuing her privacy and keeping her personal life away from the public eye.
  • Supportive Partner: Charo has been a supportive partner to Paul Washer in his ministry, playing a crucial role in his life and work.
  • Family Life: Charo and Paul Washer have four children, and she has been deeply involved in their upbringing, balancing her family life with her missionary work.
  • Life in Multiple Countries: Charo has lived in various countries, including Bolivia, Paraguay, the United States, and Spain, indicating a life rich in travel and cultural experiences.
  • Involvement in HeartCry Missionary Society: Charo has been involved in the HeartCry Missionary Society, founded by her husband, contributing to its mission and activities.
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