Yves Tumor Age, Birthdate, and Bio

Yves Tumor Age : Yves Tumor, an influential figure in the world of experimental music, is known for their groundbreaking albums and unique artistic vision. Born on November 19, 1970, in Miami, Florida, Yves Tumor’s age is 52 years as of 2022. Their journey from a self-taught musician to an internationally recognized artist is a story of creativity, innovation, and boundary-pushing in music.

Yves Tumor Age and Birthday

Yves Tumor was born on November 19, 1970, in Miami, Florida, USA. Their path from a young musician exploring various instruments to becoming a celebrated figure in experimental music reflects their commitment to artistic expression and their ability to transcend traditional musical boundaries. At 52 years old, Yves Tumor has already achieved significant milestones both in their music career and as a multimedia artist.

Yves Tumor Life Journey

Yves Tumor’s life story is a testament to their artistic spirit and success as a musician and multimedia artist.

Attribute Table

Full NameYves Tumor (Sean Bowie)
Date of BirthNovember 19, 1970
Current Age52 years (as of 2022)
Place of BirthMiami, Florida, USA
ProfessionMusician, Multimedia Artist
Height5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown
Net Worth$5 Million
Career HighlightsAlbums like “When Man Fails You,” “Serpent Music,” “Safe in the Hands of Love,” “Heaven to a Tortured Mind”
Social Media PresenceInstagram: @yvestumor, Twitter: @YvesTumor
EducationSelf-taught Musician
Marital StatusNot Publicly Known

Yves Tumor began their musical journey at the age of 16 and has since released several acclaimed albums. They are known for their unique blend of genres and have been compared to iconic artists like Prince and David Bowie.

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Yves Tumor’s influence extends beyond music into areas like furniture design and upholstery, showcasing their versatility as an artist.

In conclusion, Yves Tumor, born on November 19, 1970, has established themselves as a prominent figure in the world of experimental music.

Their journey is a compelling narrative of talent, innovation, and artistic exploration. With their continued dedication to their craft and their unique style, Yves Tumor’s influence in the music industry and beyond is set to grow even further.

More Info About the Yves Tumor

Exploring the Musical Depths: The artist’s presence on RYM (Rate Your Music) showcases their diverse discography and the critical acclaim they have received from music enthusiasts.

A Journey Through Sound: The track “Limerence” stands out in their discography, highlighting their ability to blend haunting melodies with experimental soundscapes.

Live Performances: Fans eagerly anticipate the setlist for their live shows, each performance offering a unique experience of their musical genius.

Exclusive Merchandise: The merch associated with this artist is as unique as their music, offering fans a tangible connection to their art.

Standout Tracks: “Kerosene” is one of their most notable songs, exemplifying their innovative approach to music production.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Yves Tumor

  • Live Music Experience: Attending a concert by this artist is an immersive experience, showcasing their ability to captivate live audiences.
  • Musical Influence: Their performance in Chicago was a testament to their widespread influence and the diverse appeal of their music.
  • Identity and Expression: The discussion around their pronouns reflects their fluid approach to identity and self-expression.
  • Critical Acclaim: Recognition from platforms like Pitchfork highlights their standing in the music industry and among critics.
  • Anticipated Performances: Fans eagerly await upcoming events, each show promising a unique blend of experimental sounds and captivating visuals.
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