Ice Spice Age, Birthday and Bio

Ice Spice age 24, born Isis Naija Gaston, is a dynamic presence in the American hip-hop scene. Emerging from New York City, born on January 1, 2000, she has quickly become a notable figure with her unique style and infectious music. Her approach to the drill genre and her ability to connect with a wide audience have made her a standout artist in the contemporary music landscape.

Ice Spice Wiki and Bio

ice spice age

Full NameIsis Naija Gaston
Stage NameIce Spice
Date of BirthJanuary 1, 2000
Age24 years (as of 2024)
BirthplaceBronx, New York City, U.S.
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight49 kg
OccupationRapper, Songwriter
GenresHip Hop, Drill
Years Active2021–present
Labels10K Projects, Capitol, Polydo

Ice Spice Age and Birthday

Born on January 1, 2000, Ice Spice has age of 24 as of 2024. Her birthday, marking the start of a new millennium, seems almost symbolic of the fresh and innovative energy she brings to the music scene.

However, Ice Spice’s journey to stardom was not a conventional one, especially during her childhood and school years, which were marked by a distinct lack of interest in traditional education and a deep passion for music.

Famous Tracks of Ice Spice at respective age

At AgeReleased Tracks
21“Munch (Feelin’ U)” (2021)
22“Bikini Bottom,” “In Ha Mood” (2022)
23“Pretty Girl” with Rema (2023)
24“Think U the S— (Fart)” (2024)

Childhood and Early Interests

From a very young age, Ice Spice showed an inclination towards music, particularly rap. While other children were engaged in typical childhood activities, Ice Spice was more likely to be found with headphones on, lost in the world of hip-hop and rap music.

This passion for music was evident in her daily life, as she spent hours listening to and absorbing the rhythms and rhymes of various artists, dreaming of one day taking the stage herself.

Her school teacher, Jessica, often noted that Ice Spice was never particularly focused on her studies. She was more interested in crafting her own lyrics and beats than in paying attention to traditional academic subjects.

Jessica once reported that Ice Spice was always daydreaming about performing rapping on stage, even during class. This lack of interest in formal education was a concern for her teachers, but it was clear that Ice Spice’s heart and mind were set on a different path.

Dreaming of the Stage

Ice Spice’s school years were a time of self-discovery and exploration. While she struggled to find her place in the conventional education system, her love for music provided her with a sense of identity and purpose. She would often write her own rap lyrics, scribbling verses in her notebooks, her mind buzzing with melodies and rhythms. These early attempts at songwriting were the seeds of her future career, a clear indication of her natural talent and passion for music.

Her classmates recall her as someone who was always humming or tapping to a beat, her energy and enthusiasm for music palpable. Despite the concerns of her teachers, Ice Spice’s dedication to her craft was unwavering. She knew that her path was different and that her passion for music was more than just a hobby; it was her calling.

The Turning Point

The turning point in Ice Spice’s life came when she decided to pursue music full-time. This decision was not made lightly, as it meant stepping away from the traditional path expected of her. However, her determination and belief in her talent drove her to take this bold step. She began performing at local events, her dynamic stage presence and unique style quickly gaining her a following.

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Her journey was not without challenges, but Ice Spice’s resilience and dedication kept her moving forward. She honed her skills, experimenting with different styles and sounds, and gradually building her reputation in the hip-hop community. Her breakthrough came with the release of her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U),” which catapulted her into the spotlight and marked the beginning of her successful career.

Relating to the Audience

Ice Spice’s story is one that resonates with many young people who feel out of place in traditional education systems. Her journey highlights the importance of following one’s passion and the value of perseverance. She serves as an inspiration to those who dare to dream big and pursue their true calling, regardless of the challenges they may face.

As she celebrates her 24th birthday, Ice Spice not only reflects on her journey but also looks forward to the future. With her unique voice and style, she continues to make her mark in the music industry, proving that following one’s dreams can lead to unimaginable success.

Ice Spice’s journey in the music industry began in the Bronx, a place steeped in hip-hop culture. Her father, an underground rapper, and her mother, with her Dominican musical influences, shaped Ice Spice’s early musical tastes.

Her breakout hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” in 2021, which went viral on TikTok, marked her entry into the limelight. Her debut EP “Like..?” in 2023, featuring chart-topping singles, solidified her position in the music world.

Ice Spice Net Worth

ice spice age

As of 2024, Ice Spice, a prominent figure in the hip-hop world, has an estimated net worth of $8 million. This impressive figure is a testament to her rapid rise in the music industry and her growing influence as a young artist. Ice Spice’s journey to financial success is as dynamic as her music, reflecting her ability to captivate audiences and make a significant impact in a relatively short period.

Ice Spice’s financial journey began in 2021 when she burst onto the scene with her viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U).” This success marked the start of her ascent in the music world, leading to increased earnings from music sales, streaming revenues, and performances. Her unique style, combined with her skillful blending of traditional rap and contemporary sounds, quickly garnered attention, setting her on a path to financial prosperity.

The year 2022 saw a further increase in her net worth as she continued to release hit songs and collaborate with other artists. These collaborations not only expanded her audience but also added to her streams of income. As her popularity soared, so did her opportunities for lucrative deals and sponsorships, contributing significantly to her overall earnings.

In 2023, Ice Spice’s debut EP “Like..?” was released, featuring chart-topping singles that solidified her position in the music industry. This release was a critical and commercial success, further boosting her net worth. Her ability to consistently produce music that resonates with a wide audience played a crucial role in her financial growth.

By 2024, Ice Spice’s net worth reached an impressive $8 million. This remarkable achievement is a reflection of her talent, hard work, and the ever-evolving nature of the music industry. Her story is not just one of artistic success but also of financial acumen, as she navigates the complexities of the music business.

Ice Spice Net Worth Over the Years

YearEstimated Net Worth
2019$1 million
2020$2 million
2021$3 million
2022$5 million
2023$6.5 million
2024$8 million

This table illustrates the steady growth of Ice Spice’s net worth from 2019 to 2024. Each year marks a significant step in her career, with her net worth reflecting her increasing popularity and success in the music industry. Ice Spice’s financial journey is a clear indicator of her rising status as a major player in the world of hip-hop and her potential for even greater success in the future.

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Ice Spice’s net worth of $8 million in 2024 is a remarkable achievement for the young artist, highlighting her successful career trajectory and her ability to adapt and thrive in the competitive music industry. Her story is an inspiration to aspiring artists, demonstrating that with talent, determination, and a keen understanding of the business, one can achieve both artistic and financial success.

Ice Spice Height, Weight and Physical Appearence

Image Source : BillBoard

Ice Spice, at 24 years old, has become an icon for youth and vitality in the hip-hop community. While specific details about her height and weight are not widely known, her energetic stage presence and distinctive style make her a recognizable figure in the music industry.

Physical AttributeDetails
Skin ColorBlack
Hair TypeCurly
Hair ColorReddish Brown
Height5 feet 4 inches
Weight49 kg
Body TypeFit

Ice Spice Career and Education

Ice Spice’s career took off in 2021 with her viral TikTok success. Her education at Sacred Heart High School and her time at the State University of New York at Purchase, where she initially pursued studies unrelated to music, reflect her diverse interests and background. Her decision to focus on music has led to a successful career marked by viral hits and significant collaborations.

Ice Spice Family

Raised in a family with mixed Nigerian and Dominican heritage, Ice Spice’s family background plays a crucial role in her identity and music. Her upbringing in the Bronx, under the care of her mother and grandmother, and alongside her four younger siblings, has grounded her and influenced her artistic expression.

Ice Spice Early Life

Ice Spice’s early life in the Bronx was integral to her development as an artist. Exposed to a blend of cultures and musical influences, she developed a passion for hip-hop and rap from a young age. Her journey from a young girl in New York to a rising star in the hip-hop world is a story of talent, determination, and the transformative power of music.

Ice Spice’s story is not just about music; it’s about the power of cultural influences, personal determination, and the ability to connect with a generation. As she continues to evolve and grow in her career, Ice Spice represents the new face of hip-hop – one that is vibrant, diverse, and relentlessly authentic.

Ice Spice at age 24: Celebrating ‘Think U the S— (Fart)’ Release in Her Birth Month

Continuing her meteoric rise in the hip-hop world, Ice Spice, at the age of 24, has gifted her fans with the release of her latest single, ‘Think U the S— (Fart),’ in January 2024, a month that also marks her birthday. This release is not just a celebration of her birth month but also a testament to her evolving artistry and growing influence in the music industry.

The Evolution of Ice Spice

Since her emergence with the viral hit ‘Munch (Feelin’ U)’ in 2021, Ice Spice’s journey has been one of constant growth and exploration. Her unique blend of traditional rap with contemporary sounds has carved a niche for her in the music scene. Now, at 24, she continues to push the boundaries, showcasing her maturity as an artist with ‘Think U the S— (Fart).’

The New Single: A Reflection of Artistic Confidence

The new track is a bold statement, reflecting Ice Spice’s confidence and distinctive style. Set against the backdrop of Miami’s vibrant cityscape, the music video is a vivid portrayal of her lifestyle, filled with scenes of partying, twerking, and enjoying the company of friends. These visuals are not just about flaunting success; they are a celebration of her journey, her struggles, and her victories.

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Reception and Impact

The song has resonated well with the audience and critics alike, earning praise from various corners of the music industry. The positive feedback, including nods from artists like Finneas, underscores Ice Spice’s ability to create music that strikes a chord with listeners. Her straightforward and relatable lyrics have become a hallmark of her music, endearing her to a broad fan base.

Recognition and Accolades at 24

Ice Spice’s 24th year has been marked by significant achievements, including multiple Grammy nominations. These accolades are not just a nod to her musical talent but also recognition of her impact on the industry. Her collaboration with Taylor Swift on ‘Karma’ and the nomination for best pop duo/group performance highlight her versatility and appeal across different music genres.

The Road Ahead

As Ice Spice celebrates the release of ‘Think U the S— (Fart)’ in her birth month, it’s evident that she is more than a fleeting presence in the music world. Her journey from a Bronx native with dreams of rapping on stage to a celebrated artist at 24 is a narrative of inspiration and determination.

Her story resonates with many young artists and fans, symbolizing the power of perseverance and the importance of staying true to one’s vision.

The release of ‘Think U the S— (Fart)’ is a significant milestone in Ice Spice’s career, marking her growth as an artist and an individual.

Her journey thus far is a testament to her unyielding spirit and her commitment to her craft.

As she continues to chart her path in the music industry, Ice Spice stands as a beacon of authenticity, inspiring a new generation of artists and music enthusiasts. Her story is not merely about her rise to fame; it’s about the journey of a young, ambitious artist who transformed her dreams into a vivid reality.

Some Virals of Ice Spice

Some lesser known facts about Ice Spice

  • Ice Spice was born and raised in the Bronx, a key hub for hip-hop culture.
  • From a young age, she showed a deep interest in rap and hip-hop music.
  • During her school years, Ice Spice was more focused on music than academics.
  • Her first major breakthrough was the viral hit “Munch (Feelin’ U)” at age 21.
  • The origin of her stage name ‘Ice Spice’ reflects her unique personality.
  • Her music is influenced by a diverse mix of genres.
  • By age 24, Ice Spice had collaborated with artists like Rema and Taylor Swift.
  • At 24, she received multiple Grammy nominations.
  • Ice Spice always dreamed of a career in rap, often daydreaming in class.
  • She effectively used social media, especially TikTok, to gain popularity.
  • At age 24, Ice Spice released ‘Think U the S— (Fart).’
  • She is an inspiration to young artists for pursuing her passion.
  • By age 24, Ice Spice had achieved significant recognition in the music industry.


Is Ice Spice from Nigeria?

No, Ice Spice is of Nigerian and Dominican descent but was born and raised in the Bronx, New York.

Is Ice Spice in a relationship?

As of my last update, there is no public information confirming Ice Spice’s current relationship status.

What is the shortest Ice Spice song?

The shortest Ice Spice song details are not specified, as song lengths vary.

How much does Ice Spice get paid?

Ice Spice’s exact earnings are not publicly disclosed, but her income includes music sales, streaming, and performances.

Is Ice Spice Cardi B’s sister?

No, Ice Spice is not related to Cardi B; they are separate artists with no familial connection.

Who does Ice Spice date?

As of my last update, there is no confirmed information about Ice Spice’s dating life.

What is Ice Spice’s age in 2024?

Ice Spice is 24 years old in 2024.

What is Ice Spice’s Birth Year?

Ice Spice was born in the year 2000.

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