Kristy Greenberg Age, Birthdate, and Bio

Kristy Greenberg Age : In the realm of legal expertise, Kristy Greenberg stands out as a figure of prominence and respect. Kristy Greenberg’s age, a topic of curiosity for many, is a testament to her seasoned experience and the depth of her legal acumen. Born on May 8, 1979, in New York, America, Kristy has carved a niche for herself in the legal world, showcasing her prowess as an attorney.

Kristy Greenberg Life Journey

kristy greenberg age


Attribute Details
Full Name Kristy Greenberg
Date of Birth May 8, 1979
Place of Birth New York, America
Profession Attorney
Education Graduate (Harvard Law School, Yale University)
Career Highlights Assistant United States Attorney, Partner at Hogan Lovells


Kristy Greenberg’s journey in the legal profession is marked by her significant roles and contributions. Starting her career at Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, she quickly rose through the ranks, eventually serving as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York. Her expertise in financial crimes, cryptocurrency fraud, healthcare fraud, and anti-money laundering tax fraud has made her a respected figure in the legal community.

Kristy Greenberg Age and Birthday

Kristy Greenberg, as of 2023, is 44 years old. Her birth on May 8, 1979, in New York, America, marked the beginning of a life that would be dedicated to the pursuit of legal excellence. Her age reflects not just the years she has lived but usapridenetwork the wealth of experience she brings to her profession.

Kristy Greenberg Net Worth

Year Estimated Net Worth
2019 $1.2 million
2020 $1.3 million
2021 $1.5 million
2022 $1.6 million
2023 $1.8 million


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Kristy Greenberg’s net worth, as of 2023, is estimated to be approximately 1.8 million USD. This figure is indicative of her successful career in law, her expertise in handling high-profile cases, and her role as a partner in a prestigious law firm.

Kristy Greenberg Physical Appearance

Physical Attribute Detail
Height Approximately 5 feet 6 inches
Weight Around 63 kg
Hair Color Not Publicly Disclosed
Eye Color Not Publicly Disclosed
Distinguishing Features Confident and Professional Demeanor
Style Professional Attire


Kristy Greenberg is known for her professional and confident demeanor, which is complemented by her physical appearance. She stands at about 5 feet 6 inches tall and maintains a weight of around 63 kg. Her appearance exudes the confidence and poise befitting a seasoned attorney.

Virals of Kristy Greenberg

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More Info about Kristy Greenberg

kristy greenberg age


Kristy’s educational background is impressive, with degrees from Harvard Law School and Yale University. Her expertise spans a range of legal areas, making her a versatile and sought-after attorney. Kristy’s commitment to her profession and her achievements, including receiving the Top Prosecutor Award in 2018, highlight her dedication to justice and legal excellence.

Kristy Greenberg’s age and her journey in the legal field are a testament to her dedication, expertise, and the significant impact she has made in her profession. As she continues her work, Kristy remains a notable and respected figure in the legal community, inspiring many with her career and achievements.

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