Maia Kealoha Age, Birthdate, and Bio

Maia Kealoha Age : Maia Kealoha, a young and talented actress from Hawaii, has quickly captured the hearts of audiences with her charming performances. Born in January 2017, Maia Kealoha’s age is 7 years as of 2024. She has gained recognition for her role as Lilo in Disney’s live-action adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch,” marking her as a promising talent in the entertainment industry.

Maia Kealoha Age and Birthday

Maia Kealoha was born in January 2017. Her journey from her early childhood in Hawaii to becoming a rising star in Hollywood reflects her natural talent and passion for acting. At just 7 years old, Maia Kealoha has already begun to make a significant impact in the film industry.

Maia Kealoha Life Journey

Maia Kealoha

Maia Kealoha’s life story is a testament to her early start in the world of acting and her success as a young actress.

Attribute Table

Full NameMaia Kealoha
Date of BirthJanuary 2017
Current Age7 years (as of 2023)
Place of BirthHawaii, United States
ProfessionChild Actress
Height4’10” (147 cm)
Weight26 kg
ParentsMother: Brittney Kealoha
EducationPrimary School Student
Notable RoleLilo in Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch”
Net WorthEstimated around USD 500k
InterestsLoves animals, enjoys singing and playing the piano

Maia Kealoha began her acting career with a significant role in Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch.” Her portrayal of Lilo has been widely appreciated, showcasing her potential as a future star in the industry. Despite her young age, Maia has shown remarkable maturity and talent, promising a bright future ahead in acting.

Maia Kealoha Career

Maia Kealoha Career

Maia Kealoha Age 7, a youngest Hawaiian actress, has recently emerged as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Her casting as Lilo in Disney’s live-action remake of “Lilo & Stitch” marks the beginning of what promises to be a remarkable career. This article delves into her journey, exploring her early life, breakthrough role, the significance of her casting, and her potential future in Hollywood.

Early Life and Introduction to Acting

Born between 2016 and 2017 in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Maia Kealoha is around 7 years old as of 2023. From a young age, Maia showed an affinity for performing arts. She began dance lessons at the tender age of three, showcasing her natural talent and passion for the stage.

Growing up in a supportive family environment, Maia’s parents, particularly her mother, Mrs. Brittney Kealoha, played a pivotal role in nurturing her artistic inclinations.

Maia’s childhood was filled with creative exploration, as she participated in local talent shows and school plays.

Her enthusiasm for acting was evident, and her family’s encouragement led her to pursue her dreams actively. Maia’s early exposure to performing arts laid a solid foundation for her acting career, equipping her with the skills and confidence needed to excel in the competitive world of entertainment.

Breakthrough Role in “Lilo & Stitch”

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Maia’s big break came with her casting in the live-action remake of Disney’s beloved animated film “Lilo & Stitch.” This role is not only her film debut but also a significant milestone, as she was chosen after an extensive search for a young performer to headline the film.

Maia’s portrayal of Lilo, a young girl who adopts an alien as her pet, is poised to capture the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Her selection for this iconic role was confirmed by reputable sources like Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter, signaling Disney’s confidence in her abilities. This opportunity is a testament to Maia’s talent and potential, marking her as a young actress to watch in the coming years.

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Significance of Casting and Representation

Maia Kealoha’s casting in “Lilo & Stitch” is significant for several reasons. Firstly, it represents a positive step towards better representation and opportunities for indigenous actors in Hollywood.

As a Hawaiian actress, Maia’s role in a major Disney production highlights the industry’s growing commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Furthermore, her casting follows in the footsteps of Disney’s previous success with “Moana,” where they cast Hawaii-born Auli’i Cravalho in the lead role. This trend of casting lesser-known actors in lead roles, especially in stories that require cultural authenticity, is a refreshing change in Hollywood. It opens doors for new talent and brings a genuine representation to the screen.

Future Prospects and Potential in Hollywood

At just 6-7 years old, Maia Kealoha’s career is in its nascent stages, but her debut in “Lilo & Stitch” positions her for a promising future in the film industry. With Disney’s backing and the global platform that the movie provides, Maia has the opportunity to build a successful career in acting.

Her portrayal of Lilo will likely bring her critical acclaim and fan admiration, setting the stage for more roles in the future. As she grows and hones her craft, Maia could become a prominent figure in Hollywood, known for her talent and the unique perspective she brings as a young Hawaiian actress.

Maia Kealoha Parents

maia kealoha parents

Maia Kealoha’s journey to stardom in the entertainment industry is not just a tale of her talent and charisma but also a story of the unwavering support and guidance from her parents, Brittany and Oni Kealoha. Their role in her life has been pivotal, providing her with the foundation needed to excel in her acting career.

The Supportive Duo: Brittany and Oni Kealoha

Brittany Kealoha, Maia’s mother, has been a constant source of inspiration and support. Her background as a Branch Manager for Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union’s Kaloka branch and her expertise in IT development have undoubtedly influenced Maia’s approach to her career, instilling values of hard work and dedication. Brittany’s love for animals, particularly dogs, reflects the nurturing environment in which Maia has been raised, one filled with compassion and care.

Oni Kealoha, Maia’s father, has contributed significantly to her disciplined approach towards life. His history as a high school football player and his active involvement in sports have likely played a role in teaching Maia the importance of perseverance and teamwork. These qualities are essential in the competitive world of acting, where resilience and the ability to collaborate are key to success.

The Hawaiian Influence

Growing up in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, Maia’s parents ensured she was deeply connected to her Hawaiian roots. This connection to her heritage is crucial, as it brings authenticity to her role as Lilo in “Lilo & Stitch.” The Kealoha family’s Hawaiian background has provided Maia with a rich cultural tapestry from which to draw inspiration for her acting.

Nurturing Maia’s Talent

From a young age, Brittany and Oni recognized Maia’s passion for performing arts. They nurtured her talents by enrolling her in dance classes and supporting her participation in local talent shows and school plays. This early encouragement played a significant role in developing Maia’s confidence and skills, which were instrumental in her landing the role of Lilo.

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The Role of Family in Maia’s Career

The Kealoha family’s support extends beyond nurturing Maia’s talents. They have created a stable and loving environment that has allowed her to pursue her dreams without undue pressure. Their decision to formalize their marriage in March 2023 further solidified the family’s bond, providing Maia with a sense of security and belonging that is crucial for a young child in the entertainment industry.

Maia Kealoha Ethnicity

maia kealoha net worth

Maia Kealoha’s Hawaiian heritage is at the core of her identity. Born and raised in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, she embodies the spirit and traditions of the Hawaiian people. Hawaii, known for its diverse population and rich cultural history, has significantly influenced Maia’s upbringing and values. The Hawaiian culture, with its emphasis on family, community, and respect for nature, is deeply ingrained in her life.

Hawaii’s unique blend of native Hawaiian, Asian, and other Pacific Islander cultures has created a vibrant and diverse community. Maia’s exposure to this multicultural environment has provided her with a broad understanding of different cultures and traditions. This background is particularly important for her role in “Lilo & Stitch,” a story set in Hawaii that celebrates the local culture and traditions.

Impact on Her Role in “Lilo & Stitch”

Maia’s Hawaiian ethnicity is crucial for her portrayal of Lilo in “Lilo & Stitch.” The character of Lilo is deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, and Maia’s authentic representation brings credibility and depth to the role. Her understanding of the nuances of Hawaiian culture, language, and traditions enables her to portray Lilo in a way that resonates with both Hawaiian audiences and viewers worldwide.

Disney’s decision to cast a Hawaiian actress for the role of Lilo is a commendable step towards cultural authenticity. It ensures that the portrayal of Hawaiian characters and stories is respectful and accurate. Maia’s casting is a positive example of how Hollywood can embrace diversity and provide opportunities for actors from underrepresented communities.

Broader Implications for Representation in Hollywood

Maia Kealoha’s ethnicity and her casting in a significant Disney production have broader implications for representation in Hollywood. Her role in “Lilo & Stitch” highlights the importance of casting actors who can authentically represent their culture and heritage. It challenges the industry to move beyond stereotypical portrayals and to embrace diversity in casting decisions.

Maia’s presence in a major film production also serves as an inspiration for young actors from similar backgrounds. It shows that there is a place for diverse voices and stories in mainstream media. Her success can encourage more studios to tell stories that reflect the world’s diversity and to cast actors who can bring these stories to life with authenticity and respect.

Maia Kealoha Disney Journey

Maia Kealoha’s journey with Disney, marked by her casting as Lilo in the live-action adaptation of “Lilo & Stitch,” is a story of a young talent stepping into the global spotlight. This role signifies a significant milestone in her career and highlights Disney’s commitment to authentic storytelling.

The Audition and Casting Process

Maia’s journey to becoming Lilo started with a rigorous audition process. Disney, known for its meticulous casting, sought a young actress who could embody the spirit and cultural background of the character. Maia, with her Hawaiian roots and natural acting prowess, stood out among numerous candidates. Her selection is a testament to her talent and the authenticity she brings to the role.

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Embracing the Role of Lilo

Playing Lilo, a character beloved by many and deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture, is a substantial responsibility. Maia’s understanding of the cultural nuances and her ability to portray them on screen is crucial for the film’s success. Her Hawaiian upbringing plays a significant role in this, allowing her to connect with Lilo on a deeper level.

Training and Preparation

To prepare for her role, Maia underwent extensive training. This included acting workshops, voice coaching, and learning about the nuances of animation-to-live-action adaptation. Disney’s support in this preparation phase ensured that Maia was well-equipped to take on this challenging role.

The Significance of Maia’s Casting

Maia’s casting in “Lilo & Stitch” is significant for several reasons. It marks a step forward in Hollywood’s journey towards diversity and inclusivity. By casting a native Hawaiian for a Hawaiian character, Disney sets a precedent for cultural authenticity in the industry. Additionally, Maia’s portrayal of Lilo is expected to resonate with young audiences, providing them with a relatable and inspiring character.

The Impact on Maia’s Career

Maia’s role in “Lilo & Stitch” is more than just a debut; it’s a launchpad for her career in Hollywood. The global platform that Disney provides will open doors for her in the entertainment industry. Her performance in the film is eagerly anticipated and is likely to garner critical acclaim, setting the stage for future roles.

Maia Kealoha Work

Virals of Mia Kealoha

More Info About Maia Kealoha

Maia Kealoha age

Maia Kealoha’s presence on IMDb reflects her emerging career in acting. Known as a young actress from Hawaii, Maia Kealoha brings a unique charm and authenticity to her roles. Her Hawaiian roots are a significant part of her identity, as seen in her role in “Lilo & Stitch”. Maia Kealoha’s collaboration with Disney has marked a significant milestone in her early career.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Maia Kealoha

  • Ethnicity: Maia Kealoha has a mixed ethnic background, adding to her diverse appeal.
  • Role in ‘Lilo’: Maia Kealoha’s portrayal of Lilo has been widely praised for its authenticity and charm.
  • Performance as Lilo: In her role as Lilo, Maia Kealoha has captivated audiences with her natural acting skills.
  • ‘Lilo & Stitch’ Role: Maia Kealoha’s part in ‘Lilo & Stitch’ has been a breakthrough, showcasing her talent at a young age.
  • Background: Growing up in Hawaii has influenced Maia Kealoha’s artistic expression and career choices.


Who is Maia Kealoha?

Maia Kealoha is a young Hawaiian actress cast as Lilo in Disney’s live-action remake of “Lilo & Stitch.”

What is Maia Kealoha Age ?

Maia Kealoha age is 7 years old as of 2024

Where is Maia Kealoha from?

Maia Kealoha hails from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, United States.

What is Maia Kealoha’s ethnicity?

Maia Kealoha is of Hawaiian ethnicity.

Who are Maia Kealoha’s parents?

Maia Kealoha’s parents are Brittany and Oni Kealoha.

When did Maia Kealoha start acting?

Maia Kealoha began her acting career with her casting in Disney’s “Lilo & Stitch” around 2023.

What character does Maia Kealoha play in “Lilo & Stitch”?

Maia Kealoha plays the character of Lilo in the live-action remake of “Lilo & Stitch.”

Is Maia Kealoha active on social media?

Yes, Maia Kealoha has an active Instagram account managed by her parents.

What is Maia Kealoha’s net worth?

Maia Kealoha’s net worth is estimated to be around $100K as of 2023.

What makes Maia Kealoha’s role in “Lilo & Stitch” significant?

Maia Kealoha’s role in “Lilo & Stitch” is significant for its cultural authenticity and representation of Hawaiian heritage.

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